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Recipe for life


I’m Geoff, a BACP registered counsellor1 and trainee psychotherapist.

To be registered with the BACP, I commit to abide by their standards in:

I have been in placement since January 2020 in community counselling services, charities and the NHS in IAPT (short-term) and Community Mental Health Team (long-term) settings.

I am currently approaching completion of an MA in Existential Psychotherapy at NSPC and am a member of the Society of Existential Analysis. I chose to train as an existential therapist because even before I thought about becoming a therapist I was introduced to key concepts in my own therapy and realised that I already understood my life in ways expounded upon by existential / phenomenological philosophy.

I have also trained in Narrative Exposure Therapy, a UK healthcare guideline recommended therapy for stress disorders.


  1. BACP registation is accredited by the professional standards authority which holds health and social professionals to standards of service, ethics and competence to practice with the public.